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Argimiro Gabaldón

Don’t let your pain hide
Make it come out naked
Make it fight, brandish the rifle and the grenade, encourage the march,
Make it burst into a yell, laugh in the assault, and sing in the ambush.
Your sorrow and my sorrow, and that of everyone, is a single militant armed sorrow,
It is the fire that burns in the dawn, the revolution that moves forward overflowing towards the miracle of the broken chains.
And the huge suffering will become joy,
A different world will emerge from the fire,
Tears will stop, and blood will no longer flow assassinated
Laughter will be spread
And children, pure like flying birds, will fill the parks with their shouts
And we will be there, sure we will!
As an eternally burning flame
We are life and joy
In a marvellous battle against sadness and death
We will vanquish comrades!
United we will vanquish!


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